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winter practice

Had a great lesson with my coach Kevin Morris at Fota Isand Golf Club last week and am excited about the improvments i have to make this winter for next sesson!!

Very simple things really, I have to really keep checks on my basics:alinment been the key one. After that i have to get more hinge on the backswing and set it properly at the top of the swing on plain and from there just turn and rip it.

I’ve got a new fitness program too which consists of me putting on some weight so i can build muscle ontop of it to get sronger, alot of explosive stuff and keep up on my flexibility and mobility. I have been working with my trainer Stephen Mcgrath for the lastĀ 4weeks andĀ have already gone from 12stone to 13.7 so alot of positives so fare.

Looking forward to the next few months.