Fresh start

Since my last post I’ve been working hard In the gym,I reached my goals as far as weight gain which I am very happy with and I’ve managed to get more flexible and mobile with it which is very important!! My new fat lose program started on Sunday and I am really excited about that!

I worked hard on my golf game in November but took most of December off to do some other stuff and to enjoy the christmas, but it’s back to hard work now, last week I worked a lot with Kevin Morris my coach!we kept it real simple and only worked on my basics, posture being the main one.

Yesterday was my first sub par round of the year and with 6 birdies to finish on -5, you have to be happy with that!! So onwards and upwards from here for the year ahead!!!

winter practice

Had a great lesson with my coach Kevin Morris at Fota Isand Golf Club last week and am excited about the improvments i have to make this winter for next sesson!!

Very simple things really, I have to really keep checks on my basics:alinment been the key one. After that i have to get more hinge on the backswing and set it properly at the top of the swing on plain and from there just turn and rip it.

I’ve got a new fitness program too which consists of me putting on some weight so i can build muscle ontop of it to get sronger, alot of explosive stuff and keep up on my flexibility and mobility. I have been working with my trainer Stephen Mcgrath for the lastĀ 4weeks andĀ have already gone from 12stone to 13.7 so alot of positives so fare.

Looking forward to the next few months.


The first round was up and down for me,I started on the back nine,I stood on the18th hole(my9th) +5!I had a triple bogey on the 17th after a course management brain fart! I caught back well with 4birdies from there and finished on +1. I’m feeling really good about how I am swinging the club so I hope round two will be full of less putts and more birdies:-)

Round1 stats!
Greens:10 of 18
Fairways:6 of 14
Birdie opportunities:10 converted:4
Up and downs:5 of 8.

I’m in Cheshire at the moment playing a europro event! The course is mottram hall, it’s a really nice course so looking forward to the first day tomorrow!

Welcome to my Blog

Welcome to my blog. It will be updated on a regular basis with latest news on what I’m doing on the Golf Tour